Waivers and Services

Consolidated and Person/Family Directed Support

The Consolidated and P/FDS Waivers are designed to help individuals with an intellectual disability, autism, or developmental disability to live more independently in their homes and communities and to provide a variety of services that promote community living, including self- directed service models and traditional, agency-based service models. HLS provides the following services under these waivers:

Companion Service is provided to individuals in their homes and in their communities. In the delivery of this service HLS provides supervision and assistance focused solely on the health and safety of the individual. Focusing on non-outcome based activities that may include completion of ADL’s and IADLs, social activities, and fitness routines, HLS staff provide companionship based on the consumer needs, and desires.

Respite service is provided in the consumer’s home when the primary caregiver is either absent or in need of relief. During respite service delivery, HLS staff provide basic care and supervision in accordance with the consumer’s ISP.

Home and Community Habilitation services are provided to assist consumers in the acquisition, retention, or improvement of skills related to living and working in the community.

Behavior Support service (BS) is provided to participants with behaviors, including destructive, disruptive and disturbing behaviors, which make it difficult for them to be active in their community or to live at home. Our Behavior Specialists conduct comprehensive Functional Behavioral Assessments and develop Behavior Support and Crisis intervention Plans using Positive Behavior Support strategies and key principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Adult Autism Waiver (AAW)

The Adult Autism Waiver is one of two programs in Pennsylvania specifically designed to help adults with autism spectrum disorder participate in their communities in the way that they want to, based on their identified needs. HLS provides the following services under the AAW:

Specialized Skill Development (SSD)

BSS provides specialized interventions aimed at increasing adaptive behaviors and  modifying challenging behaviors that are deemed destructive, disruptive or disturbing  and  interfere with the participant’s home and community integration. 

SSB uses evidence-based methods to help participants acquire and maintain skills that increase independent living and community integration. This systematic approach to skill acquisition and fluency is specifically designed to address deficits that are not related to destructive, disruptive and disturbing behaviors.

Through Community Support services, participants are assisted in acquiring, retaining, and improving communication, socialization, self-direction, self-help, and other adaptive skills necessary to reside and thrive in their communities. Community Support facilitates social interaction and promotes participation in education and volunteer activities.

HLS Community Tours

Fun Filled Learning Experiences

Community Tours is a signature program offered by HLS to support our participants in maximizing the benefits of their communities. In our exciting and informative ventures, we employ person-centered, strength-based, and transitional strategies that promote access to and facilitate participation in events and activities that allow for more meaningful daily experiences.

From Meaningful Days to Meaningful Lives

Our program is designed to increase self-advocacy, social development, and transition skills through various civic, recreational, and non-work-related activities. Participants learn what their communities offer and how to access the resources needed to enjoy meaningful lives one day at a time. Some of the things participants enjoy during “Community Tours” outings include:

HLS Community Tours

HLS’s Community Tours program promotes Choice, Balance, and Independence by familiarizing participants with the resources available in their communities during individual and group excursions. We believe everyone should have knowledge of, as well as access to, people, places and things that promote meaningful experiences. Our program aims to increase resourcefulness and initiative through exposure to a versatile mix of educational, cultural, spiritual and social activities in each participant’s local and extended communities.

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Welcome to Harmonious Life Systems

Welcome to Harmonious Life Systems
Welcome to Harmonious Life Systems!
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