Systematic Skill Builder

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  • Conducts an evaluation of the participant’s abilities and learning style that is related to goals in the ISP. The evaluation may include the participant’s history with skill acquisition as well as identification of the participant’s baseline skills
  • Use evidence-based methods to help the participant acquire skills that promote independence and integration into the community, which are not behavioral in focus.
  • Determine the most effective approach for the participant’s skill acquisition and develop a Skill Building Plan (SBP) based on the participant’s goals within 60 days of the start of service
  • Train other essential team members on plan implementation and data collection
  • The SBP should be informed by Applied Behavior Analysis and use techniques such as backward and forward chaining, prompting, fading, generalization and maintenance to develop adaptive skills and promote consistency of instructional methods across environments.
  • Provide Ongoing and Consultative Support upon completion of the initial SBP
  • Monitor and analyze data collected during the implementation of the SBP based on the goals of the SBP
  • Modify and revising the SBP

Job Types: Part-time, Contract

Salary: $25.00 to $27.00 /hour

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